Regulering i tilfelle verdens undergang (det er fredag)

Det er ikke alltid spennende å lage store kontrakter, og det hender at det dukker opp bestemmelser fra advokater som har kjedet seg og har hatt behov for et lite avbrekk. En slik bestemmelse som skal ha vært i en kontrakt fra 2002 som ikke ble avdekket før kontrakten var inngått og vært i bruk en lenger tid, er en bestemmelse om tilbakebetalingsplikt for et lån i tilfelle verden går under. Bestemmelsen lyder som følger: </

12.7 END OF WORLD. In the event that the world as known to mankind shall come to an end, whether through natural forces (including, without limitation, plague, drought, earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods), manmade forces (including, without limitation, nuclear or biological war, pollution and global warming), or divine forces (including, without limitation, the Second Coming, the Mayan Cataclysm, and the Rapture, regardless of religious affiliation of Bank or Borrower), all as may then be determined by Bank in its sole discretion, then, in such event, all outstanding principal, interest, fees and charges remaining under the Loan Documents shall immediately become due and payable to Bank at Bank’s offices or designated shelter, without notice of any kind of character, all such notice being hereby waived by Borrower, and Borrower agrees that the end of the world shall not be deemed or construed to constitute a valid excuse or defense to payment; provided further, that in the event that the end of the world shall be divinely inspired, then, in such event, Borrower further agrees that Bank shall be aligned with forces of goodness and light, and Borrower shall be aligned with the forces of evil and darkness, and that Borrower shall be cast into a pit of fire, and shall deliver unto Bank as an indentured servant Borrower’s first born, until all sums owing under the Loan Documents, including attorney fees, shall be fully paid; provided further, that in the event that Borrower should be reincarnated subsequent to the end of the world, whether as an animal, vegetable or mineral, then, in such event, Bank shall have and possess, in addition to the collateral stated in the Loan Documents, a security interest in all of Borrower’s useful products, including, without limitation, any and all fur, hide, meat, edible portions, medicinal properties, and mineral rights, to further secure the prompt payment of all sums owing under the Loan Documents. Borrower acknowledges and agrees that it assumes all risk of the end of the world, and that Bank makes no representation or warranty as to when or who such world may come to such end. For the sake of clarification, in no event shall Bank have any liability or other responsibility of any kind for the end of the world, or any part of it, the risk of which having been intentionally and knowingly allocated to and undertaken by the Borrower.

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